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Are delivery and collection costs included in the price?

Yes, our standard 3-5 day delivery and collection (between 0900 and 1900) is included in the prices that are displayed on the website.
There are upgrade:
2-3 day services available at additional costs of £4.99.
next day services available at additional costs of £9.99.
same day services available at additional costs of £14.99.( London only )

What is mobile service?

In the comfort of your own home and at your convenience you can choose from our superb range of suits, correct in every detail and tailored to perfection, matching and mixing from our huge range of accessories that have been designed especially to co-ordinate with any colour theme.

Is mobile service free?

Mobile service is completley FREE for group of 4+.
For groups of 3 and under we charge a flat fee of £20.

Can Rent a Suit offer mobile servise anywhere in London?

Allmost anywhere in London, we have operators situated in many location around London and home counties. you can ring 07495 600044 for your location mobile sevice

When is the best time to place my order?

We would always recommend placing your order as early as you can (especially for group wedding orders) in order to avoid disappointment. Some customers book 6 months in advance while others book the week before.
The free delivery service takes 3-5 working days to arrive.
We can take orders for the next day but there is a supplement (£9.99 ) as a special service is required.

Will Rent a Suit have my sizes?

Rent a Suit has the largest hire range available of morning wear and evening wear of any company in Europe. Having said that, there are certain times of the year that are extremely busy (ie December for dinner jackets)
In the unlikely event that your sizes are unavailable for the dates that you have requested we will endeavour to offer you the required sizes in a similar range, at no extra cost.

We always suggest that you place your order with us as early as possible to reduce the possibility of unavailability.

How do I know that the clothes will be of good quality?

Our extensive range of garments are continually renewed and updated so that we only supply you with new looking and new feeling clothes of the highest quality. All garments are individually checked for signs of wear, tear and damage upon return and prior to dispatch. In the extreme case of a customer not being satisfied with the garments we send out, on return of the suit, a full refund will be issued (NB the refund is only applicable so long as Rent a Suit are made aware of the problem as soon as the garments are delivered).

Is there somewhere that I can try on the garments?

No, all orders are placed by telephone or online and are despatched directly out from our warehouse. We would always suggest arranging for a delivery date as early as possible so that in the unlikely event of any sizing issues, there is ample to time to despatch a free replacement.

How can I be sure that the clothes will fit me?

We are very aware that for many first time customers this is one of the biggest concerns. However it should not be. Not only are men very easy to size but we take thousands of orders by phone. In 98.2% of orders we deliver the right sized clothes to the customer on the first attempt.

Upon phoning Rent a Suit, our experienced sales staff will ask you a series of questions relating to your sizes that will enable us to provide you with a correctly fitting outfit. Many of your sizes can be found inside suit jackets, trousers and shirts that you already own, but we would encourage you to provide us with as accurate a description of your physical characteristics as possible, and any additional information that may be helpful (e.g. larger than average thighs, broad shoulders, big biceps, square shoulders, beer belly, on the portly side, etc)

(All information will remain confidential but will assist us in providing you with the best possible fit from our enormous range of garments).

We recommend that you try your suit on as soon as it arrives to ensure a satisfactory fit. Click here to view our “Self-Sizing Guide” that will assist you.

Does Rent a Suit sell suits?

Yes, In some cases, Rent a Suit sells both NEW and EX HIRE clothing.

How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed by either calling 07495 600044 and speaking directly with one of our sales team or by completing the online Process. If we have any queries regarding your online order, we will call you. Should you prefer not to send your credit card details online, then simply send us a email and we will call you to take payment.

How long before the event to which I will be wearing the clothes can I have them delivered?

We are happy to deliver your order to you UP TO ONE WORKING DAYS BEFORE THE DAY OF THE EVENT (e.g. if your event is on a Saturday, we are happy to deliver your garments to you on the Friday of that week). Therefore, in the unlikely event that any problems do arise, we will easily have time to sort them out.

What do I do if I want to cancel or amend the order?

You can amend or cancel your order by phoning us on 07495 600044 . Cancellations received at least 10 days prior to the function date will be without charge. We reserve the right to charge the full hire price for cancellations received with less than 10 days notice.

We reserve the right to charge a single £3 supplement for any amendments received with less than 10 days notice prior to the function date.

Where in the U.K. can I have my order delivered/collected?

We are happy to deliver your order to any address in the London & Home counties. except for airport terminals, hospitals and student halls. – ie direct to your home / office / neighbour etc. We will also be happy to deliver your order to any other person that you specify e.g. partner / secretary / company reception desk etc. It is your responsibility to give us an accurate postcode for the address as if you give us a postcode that is not correct we can not be held responsible for the courier failing to deliver and you may still have to pay for the order.

What time during the day will my garments be delivered?

Our standard delivery service takes 3-5 day to get from us to you (not including Saturdays).
Delivery time is between 9am and 4pm on the specified day.

How quickly can the clothes be delivered?

our standard 3-5 day delivery and collection (between 0900 and 1600) is included in the prices that are displayed on the website.
There are upgraded and same day services available at additional costs of £19.99. next day services available at additional costs of £9.99. 2-3 day services available at additional costs of £4.99.

What should I do if the clothes are not delivered by the agreed time/date?

In the extremely unlikely event that your order has not been delivered to you at the time, date and place agreed, then please contact us immediately on 07495 600044, so that we can investigate and rectify the situation as promptly as possible.

Must the collection address be the same as the delivery address?

No, not necessarily. We will be happy to collect the clothes from anywhere that you specify when placing the order. This does NOT need to be the same as address as the delivery address.

What happens if I need to change the collection details?

As long as you tell us at least 1 working day in advance that the collection day/address needs to be changed then there will be no charge.
If you call us on the day of collection to let us know collection can’t take place then you will be liable for aborted collection and late return fees (see What happens if I do not return the clothes on the agreed date? )

What time during the day will my garments be collected?

The collection service is at between 9am and 5pm on agreed collection date. Unfortunately there are no upgraded collection options so please arrange a collection date/address that is convenient for you.

What should I do if the clothes are not collected by the agreed date?

If the courier fails to collect the garments as organised then please call 07867861430 and we will chase it up with the courier. If the fault lies with the courier then there will be no charge to you.
However, please remember that you are responsible for the garments until they are in the hands of the courier. If the courier does not collect and we don’t get our suit returned to us then you are liable for replacement garments.

How quickly do I have to return the clothes after wearing them?

The garments will be collected from you on the first working day after the date of the event (in certain circumstances it may be possible to vary this date, but this will need to be agreed with Rent a Suit at the time of ordering). The clothes will be collected from the agreed collection address before 5pm on the collection date.

How do I prove that the courier has collected the garments?

When the courier collects the garments from you he will leave you some documentation to confirm it. We recommend retaining this consignment note for at least one month. It contains a unique reference number and proves that the garments are no longer your responsibility. Should there ever be an issue regarding non-return of garments to Rent a Suit, this would be prima facie good evidence that possession of the garments has passed from you to the courier.

What happens if I do not return the clothes on the agreed date?

In the event of non or late return of the garments, an aborted collection charge of £10 will be deducted from your credit card. Thereafter the late return fee is £5 per day and will be deducted from your card accordingly.

What should I do if the clothes do not fit me?

In the event that an item does not fit satisfactorily, please call 07495 600044 so that we can arrange for a replacement to be immediately dispatched. One free sizing replacement is included within the price on our standard 48hr delivery service. Requested replacements that can not go on the standard delivery service will be charged at £5.

What happens if I damage the clothes?

In the unfortunate event of damage to any hire item, you will be subject to full replacement charge, which will be deducted from your credit card.

What happens if I lose any of the clothes?

In the event of the loss or non-return of any of the hire items, you will be subject to the full replacement charge. This will be debited from your credit card.

Is it possible to take out insurance against damage and loss of the garments?

Accidental Damage Insurance is available for £5 and will cover for all damage to hire garments (excluding damage for top hats and malicious damage). Damaged garments MUST still be returned to us.

We do NOT offer insurance to cover for LOSS of garments. Any non-returned garments will be charged at full replacement value.

Does Rent a Suit offer discounts on group orders?

For all of our current offers and discounts, please click on OFFERS.

How can I pay for my order?

Payment can be made by either credit or debit cards (excluding American Express). Payment can be made either through our online Shopform or by phone or by cheque through regular post.

Can I pay for my order online?

Yes, orders can be placed and paid for through our online shop. Our online shop is directed though an encrypted secure server.

Is there a minimum order value?

Yes, the minimum order is £30 for free delivery. For orders under this value you will be charged a delivery/collection cost.